Home Improvement Software

By far, the best home improvement software package I’ve encountered is Chief Architect in the range of $1000 to $3000.

For a lighter price they have a “DIY” packages, and some packages under the Better Homes & Gardens branding ($100 to $500) are based on Chief Architect software technology.

Other options run an equally wide range of prices and certainly vary in usability, accuracy, and completeness.  Some of these include:

  •   Autodesk Raster
  •   AutoDesk Arch Desktop $4200
  •   AutoDesk AutoCad 2004 $3400

up to $3500
or alternative… Broderbund’s
3D Home Architect pro suite v5 $69.99 @ CompUSA
or “pro v5” $49.99 @ CompUSA
or “2001” $9.99 @ WalMart

DataCad:  up to $995

Topics:  instant home design
appears to be a dead product
2001 version, 4-cd, $21.99 at CompUSA (or was it microcenter)
scan in photos for remodeling ??
looked interesting for old software….

Individual Software:  Total 3D Home Deluze v6.0 2003
??   scan and trace
??   photo import
not impressed

Punch:  Home Design Architectural Series 3000 (2003) www.punchsoftware.com
$199 @ CompUSA   or $169 at Amazon
or HomeSuite 7 Apps (2003) for $39.99 @ WalMart

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