An observation about status report templates

Seems every project involves someone’s preference for a collection of document templates.  After about 120 projects for 80 different clients, I’ve had the opportunity to reuse templates exactly… never.  Not even once.  The people who create templates can’t resist the urge to revise them, and the people who collect templates can’t resist the temptation of new ones.

After experiencing many such status templates, I’d happily resume using SMEAC, BAMCIS, and Five Paragraph Orders, but most civilians doesn’t know what any of those are.

Can you imagine how efficient business would actually be if everyone in this country spent a year in a public service corps… 3 months training, 9 months service… organized by mostly retired Marines.  Ok, maybe not efficient, but everything would be painted 🙂

Anywho… back to reality.

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