Funny printer hacks for the office.

A friend at an organization having budget issues recently suggested hacking the printer displays to show a message such as “insert 25¢”.

Since many office printers also have fax machine capabilities, and thereby have some sort of internal speaker, the idea evolved into adding some sound effects:

• washing machine spin cycle
• garbage disposal eating silverware
• leaky faucet drip
• sounds of a paper jam happening:  not an actual paper jam, just the sounds of one.
• microwave oven:  a fan/humming noise followed by ding at which point the printer stops and has to be reset for another 1.1 minutes (or another 25¢ must be inserted) before it will finish printing your output.
• fax machine noises:  use status display and sound effects to indicate the user’s print job is being faxed to destinations such as newpapers, IRS, FBI, tatoo parlor, foreign embassy, kinkos/officemax print service, etc.,

For office printers which do not have fax capabilities, but do have ports for adding print server cards or other modules, perhaps an insertable sound card could be devised.

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