getting started with the iPad – what to order

Having many discussions about getting started with iPads at work.  Have narrowed down a list of items apps to make a good working starter kit.

Apple iPad parts:
MC497LL/A Apple iPad 64GB WiFi +3G
MC595LL/A iPad – AppleCare Protection Plan
MC531ZM/A Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
MC552ZM/A Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
MC184LL/A Apple Wireless Keyboard
MC395LL/A Apple 10W USB Power Adapter

Third party:

The INCASE Convertible case.

Some additional software & services to purchase after iPad delivery:
(1)    AT&T 3G Unlimited Data Plan for iPad $29.99/month
(2)    Documents To Go Premium $14.99
(3)    GoodReader $0.99
(4)    Penultimate $2.99
(5)    NoteTaker HD $4.99

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