Post EMP refrigeration

A high profile security consultant recently wrote a book (fiction) that was set in a post-apocalyptic situation which occurred after an EMP burst obliviated modern electrical systems.  The premise plays pretty loose with the laws of physics, but people seem to like these kind of stories.

If you’ve been wondering how modern life could continue if electricity systems were interrupted, here are a few ideas for keeping your cool.  Don’t blame me if worried neighbor sprays you with a fire extinguisher.

Refrigeration without electrically driven compressors is trivial.

Below is a primer on using chemicals.  Time Magazine had an article in 2005 about a guy in Hawaii that made ice by channeling wind thru a pipe to induce heat transfer (idea known as Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube).  Or you could rig your exercise bike to the compressor motor’s shaft.

You can find more ideas by googling “ice without electricity”.  Or ya could just buy a $49.99 surge protector.

Ammonium chloride.    (NH4)(Cl)
Ammonium nitrate.      (NH4)(NO3)

Mix either one with water to create an endothermic reaction and freeze things.

The (NH4)(Cl) can be bought n stored; or you can make it with household ammonia and hydrochloric acid.  The  (NH4)(NO3) is common fertilizer.  Most gardeners already have this sort of stuff on hand.

Before trying this at home I’d watch some MacGyver reruns and find a chemistry student  or H.S. Chem Teacher to advise on mix ratios and containers and demonstrate.

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