Bannister Toxins, 2010 Nov 8th report… some notes.

Unfortunate information for anyone who worked at the Bannister complex in Kansas City, MO.  For those who have never been to this facility, it is like a small city and significant portions are underground.  Many who worked there over the years also ate meals, exercised, showered, and kept work clothes within the facility.  Marines often do three mile runs in the basement hallways.  The facility is very large.
Inquiries into what options are available to folks who previously worked in this facility yielded disappointing results.  The GSA personnel responding to questions state the agencies are only offering blood screening to folks who have already manifested symptoms.  Unfortunately, manifesting symptoms to some of these toxin exposures means you’ve waited to long.
In contrast, I’ve met private sector workers whose employers had maintenance contracts at the Bannister complex.  As part of those contracts, those workers get annual blood screenings for life.  Likewise many corporations who manufacturing and operations processes involve toxins have adopted similar lifetime screening/monitoring policies for their workers.
Below are a number of URLs to additional information about the site and the toxin problems.
Bannister toxins: 2010, Nov 8th report.
Some of the Toxins present at the facility and which workers were exposed to.
  • ** trichloroethylene (tce)
  • lead
  • Petroleum hydrocarbons
  • ** Beryllium 
  • Uranium
  • Volatile org compounds (vocs)
  • ** Polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs)
  • asbestos 
  • silica dust
  • formaldehyde 
additional bannister info:

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