Apple news: iPad 2 Mar 11th, iOS 4.3 Mar 11th, iTunes 10.2 released today.

iPad 2 to be available in store 5pm Mar 11th.

  • • Dual core processor (the 1Ghz, dual core A5 chip).
  • • Faster graphics.
  • • Thinner/lighter.
  • • Still 10hr battery.
  • • Two cameras.  Front and rear.  Face-Time support.  Video recording at 720p, 30 frames per second.
  • • Video Mirroring – now any app screen can be mirrored to an external display (ie., no longer requires in app features for basic video mirror function).
  • • $499 to $829 price range.  WiFi only versions, AT&T 3G versions, or Verizon CDMA versions.  Same storage options as before, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB.
  • • New apps include FaceTime, PhotoBooth, and FindMyiPad.  FindMyPhone was previously a paid feature of the MobileMe subscription.  Apple has now made it a free feature for all iPhone/iPad customers.
  • • Will require iTunes 10.2   NOTE:  iTunes “10.2” is now the current version on Apple’s website (it updated during the media event).  Windows version is a 76.7MB download.  The package contents are similar to iTunes 10.1.2  (ie., six MSI files, same version of QuickTime included).


New iPad accessories:

  • • A new “smart case” that has some interesting features
  • • A new “Digital AV” video out adapter… adds ability to hook both HDMI and Dock/Power connections at same time.  The adapter also routes audio out over HDMI.  The iPad2 also added “passthru” 5.1 sound capabilities to support this.  Currently uncertain whether this new adapter will work with iPad1.


iOS 4.3 update:

  • • Adds personal hotspot features.  Share cellular data service via USB, BlueTooth, or WiFi with up to five other devices.
  • • Available to iPad1, iPad2, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 users Friday Mar 11th.
  • • iTunes Home Sharing:  access any media in your iTunes Library via local home wi-fi network (without doing a download/sync first).
  • • iPad slide switch:  finally have a choice of whether that switch is used to lock the screen orientation or used as a mute button.

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