iPad with Citrix and video out to external monitor

I’ve got the iPad on my desk connected to an external monitor right now (with the iPad VGA Adapter).  Also have the iPhone connected via BlueTooth as a wireless trackpad/mouse.

For “video out”, in the iPad’s CitrixReciever app, GoTo Settings | Display Options, and slide the “External Display” option to “ON”.  You have to make that setting prior to launching one of the Citrix published apps.  I believe you can leave the setting on all the time without any problems… unless you know there would be times you’ve connected an external monitor and would not would the video out mirroring.

There are several bits of “quirkiness” about all this:

  • Seems that if you close out of PPT, XLS, whatever on the iPad  (ie., using the dropdown control and selecting “HOME”)… but are still in the CitrixReciever, the external monitor image will go to a “default display” the initial PPT or XLS app.  Not sure what’s actually happening.  Hmmm… just had XLS up as the active app, and when I selected the HOME button, the CitrixReciever went back to the “explore” screen, and the external video display changed back to the previous view of PPT.  Can’t actually interact with that PPT view… it may be some display artifact/bug in the current version of the CitrixReceiver client.
  • The mouse pointer on the external monitor lags behind the mouse pointer movements on the iPad/iPhone… seems to lag several hundred milliseconds.
  • The video out function is not quite the same as some other apps like Apple Keynote.  Keynote will put the active presentation file on the external monitor, and switch the iPad display to various navigation/menu functions.
  • When the CitrixReciever is using “video out” the active CitrixApp (ie., PPT, XLS, whatever) will be mirrored on both screens.  However, the little dropdown/control panel that hoovers at the top of the iPad screen will only be display on the iPad screen.

FYI… iPad MultiTasking… using the double-tap home button / task bar to switch between iPad apps seems to work ok.  With the Citrix/XLS session mirrored to an external display, I switched back and forth between CitrixReciever and Safari… the external screen (and the iPhone/Mouse session) both came back when switching back into a running Citrix session.

Overall, I’d say the experience was pretty good.  I believe the solution will be quite useful for folk who need to access a native desktop application and make quick updates to a document.

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