Install iTunes on Windows, without installing Bounjour, Quicktime, or Auto Updates.

Some folks would prefer that iTunes not automatically install additional items such as Bounjour, Quicktime, or AppleSoftwareUpdates.

For organizations which have software distribution and management solutions, it’s usually preferable to turn off the auto-update features of some 3rd part software packages.  Additionally, one of my customers have created some Quicktime extensions and need to carefully manage their version updates (to avoid Monday morning chaos and confusion from an unexpected Apple update).

Here is one solution.  Run the iTunes installation with these command line options:


I tested this using a virtual instance of Windows XP virtual over in our VMview Lab.  It wasn’t completely silent, and the default display window makes you think it might be doing a full install anyway… but when it completed there was no trace of QT, Bounjour, or AppleSoftwareUpdate apps or services on the machine.  A support call to Apple might turn up whether there are any other available command line options.  Post installation, the iTunes registry settings can be managed with AD/GPO tools.

The Apple document, Deploying iTunes (HTML or PDF), provides additional information about managing the installation process and configuring application options for iTunes.

All of the “Restrictions” available in the iTunes application preferences window can be managed using typical Windows system management tools (such as login scripts or GPOs).

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