iPad app review:

I just tried out the Bamboo Paper app.    I’ve been using PenUltimate ($1.99) for about a year now.  Bamboo is quite similar, but has a way to go before matching the features.

Bamboo has one feature PenUltimate doesn’t:

*pinch/zoom…. that is a pretty slick feature, makes it much easier to zoom in and touch up or correct something.

 PenUltimate features that Bamboo doesn’t have:

  • Portrait or Landscape.
  • File mgt via iTunes.
  • More paper (background) choices.
  • Multiple notebooks.
  • An optional setting to enable a “wrist detection” detection feature.  They’ve coded the app to tell the difference between finger tips and accidental palm/wrist contact with the screen

Conclusions: I’ve learnt enough about iOS Objective C to know the BambooPaper developer is going to have brain-ache trying to match the wrist detection feature.  The fact their app has problems with creating stray lines when initiating a pinch gesture shows they are still having issues working out their usage of the iOS API UIGestureRecognizer.  (Since their emphasis is on selling the stylus, which creates a smaller touch event, I doubt they are very concerned about cleaning up the code to help folks trying to draw with big ol’ sausage fingers).

There’s also a bit of geometry and trigonometry required to make a drawing app work with the screen orientation auto-rotation.  Omitting that from their first release is going to mean a lot of UI rework for the developer.

My recommendation is to wait and see if the developer tidies up the app and adds the missing features (before they lose interest in move on to something else).

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