One thought on “OS X Lion – flush DNS cache

  1. I received a question on this posting asking how to clear the DNS cache on Google Chrome. I have to assume the asker was referring to the Chrome browser (and not Chromium OS). The best answer that I can offer is that most browsers offer some menu option for emptying out their web cache, but that in most situations DNS cache is handled by the operating system.

    The above shortcut is the command to have MAC OS X Lion flush it’s DNS Cache. This should be effective no matter what browser you are running on OS X Lion.

    For most versions of Windows, this should work from the command line:
    ipconfig /flushdns

    Note: it’s pretty rare for someone to need to flush their operating system’s DNS cache. This need is more commonly encountered by folks setting up DNS Servers or making changing to their web hosting environment (such as adding a domain name to an existing website or moving a website to a new hosting provider).

    By the way, since DNS is a shared service that an operating system may provide to many system and application processes, a web browser should not have the ability to empty the operating system’s DNS cache.


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