VPN on a stick: DoD Lightweight Portable Security

In a previous post, I mentioned the DoD’s Lightweight Portable Security bootable Linux as applicable for some situations.  The current LPS Public 1.3.5 ISOs come in two configurations, the basic and deluxe.

The deluxe version is a 401MB bootable ISO. It includes clients for Citrix, VMware View, and MS Remote Desktop.  Also includes OpenOffice and Firefox.

As a bootable ISO, it also works within a virtual machine.  This makes for a handy way to use the bootable ISO’s included clients for Telework without giving up full use of your physical computer during the remote session.

For government organizations which need additional customizations (pre-loading target URLs, additional client apps/versions, etc), customization is available at no cost to DoD organizations.  Other non-DoD Federal organizations, the customization charge is $10K with an annual $2K maintenance fee.  The Air Force organization providing this is looking into means to offer customized versions for State and Local govt organizations as well.  The public versions are free to everyone.

Additional documentation is available on their website.

For someone just beginning the process of creating a bootable LiveCD for their own organizational needs, this provides a nice clean example to start from.

One thought on “VPN on a stick: DoD Lightweight Portable Security

  1. Forgot to mention… the provided GUI desktop has been customized so that it should appear familiar to most Windows users. Ironically, non-Windows users might scratch their heads for a moment when they see the customization.


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