Xcode unable to create snapshot: unable to write to file … plist

Xcode error:  Unable to create snapshot  Unable to write to info file ‘<DVTFilePath: ~~~~~ info.plist’>’.

Xcode has been tossing this error at me for over a year now.  This problem has persisted across multiple versions of Xcode and OS X.  Whenever I open an older project (from a previous version of Xcode), it often suggests some updates to the project and offers to create a snapshot of the project before continuing.  It always fails with an error similar to this.  Manually initiating an Xcode snapshot from menu FILE | Create Snapshot results in the same error.

It hasn’t been real issue for me, I use GIT for version control and have never relied on Xcode snapshots.  It’s only been a minor nuisance, but I’m procrastinating on some other work and this seems like a good time to investigate the problem.

Xcode unable to create snapshot

Quite a few web posts indicate it has something to do with corrupted .DS_Store files and/or conflicts with GIT and the location of the .git folder relative to the Xcode project.

To test those ideas, I tried deleting those files… it didn’t work.  Also tried creating a new project without using GIT at all.  It still failed with the error.

Creating a brand new directory, verifying permissions, and changing Xcode preferences to use that directory for snapshots didn’t work either.

For now, I’m stumped on this one.  Next step may be to try running clean copy of Xcode and OS X in a VM and see if the problem shows up there.  Maybe I’ll find something later… if I do, I’ll post an update.

One thought on “Xcode unable to create snapshot: unable to write to file … plist

  1. update: eventually encountered additional issues working with projects downloaded from other sources git sources… and problems with creating new git enabled Xcode projects. After testing some scenarios in VMs, I found some git utilities I’d downloaded had mucked with Xcode’s ability to work with git repositories. Separate from the Xcode Command Line utilities, the xcode.app has some internalized git functions.

    After confirming everything worked ok on a freshly installed VM, I found the simplest solution was to quit bit-fiddling and just delete/re-install Xcode on my laptop. This restored all of the git functions and the ability to create snapshots.

    Morals of the story…
    (1) when testing new utilities, don’t forget to verify things work after you uninstall the utility.
    (2) upgrades and migrations (new hardware) are convenient, but a fresh install every couple years cleans up a lot of cruft.

    Verified for OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion and Xcode 4.5.2 on MacBook Pro 2012.


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