Industry Architecture – it’s a tad more complicated than Enterprise Architecture

While trying to “summarize” some of my previous work for the Service Provider industry, I realized it appears no one has coined the phrase “Industry Architecture”.

So… I’m staking my claim to the phrase now.

Think I’ll update the title on my business cards.

Here’s the mission of an Industry Architect:

Develop a new technology which gets more useful as more organizations and people use it.  To reach it’s potential, it will need so many users that it will require multiple vendors, manufacturers, developers, and large customers (such as Tier 1 Service Providers) to adopt it.  In fact it will need multiple standards bodies and regulatory agencies to get on board.

As a result of user adoptions, old companies may likely cease to exist.  New companies will emerge.  If successful it could even change behaviors on a global scale.

That’s Industry Architecture.

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