Build a CentOS7 server for: pxe boot, kickstart, reposync, repotrack, nfs, https (SIDEBAR 2)

SIDEBAR 2 – Optional NFS SHARE: convenient for exploring repo contents from a gui desktop VM.

I only, occasionally, use this to either find stuff in the local repos to filter out, or to verify information about packages in the local repos. After a reposync+filter has been established, and you’ve refined the filter it to your needs, the NFS share becomes less useful.
 requires “yum install nfs-utils”, if not already installed.
 Add firewall rule to allow NFS from local network.
 edit “/etc/exports” to share “/var/www/html/repos/”
nano /etc/exports
 start and enable the NFS service:
systemctl start rpcbind nfs-server
systemctl enable rpcbind nfs-server
On the CLIENT side:
yum install nfs-utils
mkdir /mnt/nfs
 mount -t nfs -o ro,nosuid {NFS-ServerName}.local:/ /mnt/nfs/
mount -t nfs -o ro,nosuid c7pxe.local:/ /mnt/nfs/
nano /etc/fstab
 {NFS-ServerName}.local:/ /mnt/nfs/ nfs ro,nosuid 0 0
c7pxe.local:/ /mnt/nfs/ nfs ro,nosuid 0 0

NOTE: there is a problem with NFS clients, that if the target server (source) of a shared NFS mount is offline when the client tries to shutdown, the client can, and usually does, hang for some period of time trying to contact the NFS server and “gracefully” close the connection (even though there isn’t a connection to close).  [ I couldn’t make this up. ]

Since I don’t need NFS for anything else in this lab environment, I only briefly looked into workarounds and decided to just leave the NFS mount out of FSTAB on all but one client VM.